Leeds Food and Drink Ltd celebrates Leeds as a city that is passionate about great food and drink. 

By promoting our unique skills, knowhow and produce, and by working with some of the very best food and drink businesses in Leeds, we help people discover, understand and enjoy more of the food and drink of our region.


Our objectives:

  • We will become a focus for opportunity,  and help our Members collaborate, co-ordinate, and prosper.
  • We will promote and manage events that benefit our Members whenever possible.
  • We will influence food and drink events in Leeds to ensure they benefit our Membership, and reflect the food and drink culture of the city accurately and effectively.
  • We will create a single social media presence, and establish a single point of reference for publicity and communication.
  • We will provide a chance for our Members to voice opinion and be heard.
  • We will become the ‘go to’ source for expertise regarding food and drink in Leeds and Yorkshire.