DSC_0150Membership is only available for individuals, not companies or organisations. Membership is free, but by invitation and application only.

Anyone who wishes to become a member should use the contact form below, and tell us:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • what you could bring to Leeds Food and Drink Ltd.

There’s no guarantee of acceptance. We screen membership on a wide range of factors including role within the independent food and drink sector in Leeds, location (you must be based within an LS post-code) and potential commitment.

We want to be a robust, active, dynamic and pro-active group. We have more chance of creating something that is strong, relevant and effective if we have the right membership. If you are declined we will be happy to outline the applicable reasons. If you feel this is unfair, we are always open to persuasion. However, ultimately the management team’s decision is final.

If membership is not for you, why not become a Grubstaker