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Reward your people with a unique food and drink experience!

People love food and drink – we know – we see how excited and passionate they get about it. But more than just eating and drinking, they love to learn more about their favourite foods and drinks, and to discover new tastes…

We work with brands like Homage2Fromage, The Chilli Shop, Latitude Wine, as well as beer experts and amazing chefs to can create extraordinary tasting experiences for you.

We bring everything to you – or we can source a suitable venue – all you need to do is discuss what kind of event you want, let us know the numbers, and we will do the rest.

DSC_0231Cheese and Chilli – one of the great taste combinations

Pair cheeses with some of the world’s hottest chillies – discover the story behind cheese and cheesemaking, and see just how hot you can go! Lots of fun challenges, prizes and hearty samples of great cheese!

From £25 per person

Cheese and Wine, Whisky or Beer

Pairing cheese with drinks is a classic way to explore both the subtleties of cheese and the complexity of iconic drinks. We work with specialists to bring you a journey of discovery with some real surprises along the way.

From £30 per person

Local Tasting Gallery

A six course paired tasting menu where a private chef, and food and drink experts will guide guests through a selection of amazing local foods, paired with local and authentic drinks, sourced from right here in Yorkshire and all over the world.

From £45 per person

Get in touch now to discuss your event with us.

(Prices are for 12 people or more – we can quote for smaller, more intimate numbers too…)