Salvos Launches New Book

We’re so excited about our Members at Salvos launching their very own book, My Family & Other Italians. Brothers Jon and Gip Dammone created the book, which brings together recipes, as well as the story of the family behind the long-standing restaurant in Headingley, Leeds.

We spoke to Gip, who told us the following:

“So me and my brother John decided it would be a good idea to write a book and release a record to celebrate 30 years of Salvo’s. The music was recorded and pressed in time for the celebrations and the scribbling, musing, reminiscing and recipifying commenced in earnest, unfortunately it took longer than anticipated and here we finally are, 10 years later with the launch of the book! Just in time to celebrate 40 years in fact.

The book, My Family & other Italians, tells our family story interspersed with stories and recipes about the food that nurtured us both in business and as a family. Dad Salvo Dammone arrived in Leeds in the 50’s and opened various coffee bars around Leeds, he introduced Mums meatballs disguised as hamburgers to the Greasers in The Unicorn, bruschetta AKA tomato dip to the factory workers in Gino’s on Kirkstall Rd and milky cappucino in pyrex cups to the mods of the Blue Gardenia (the B.G) in the City centre.

Stories and recipes of our restaurants in Italy, the cholera epidemic, my call to arms, the Coconut Grove, our musical endeavors and the opening of Salvo’s in the same year Elvis slipped his mortal coil and the Pistols and Clash blew away stodge rock, phew, 1976 was a good year.”

You can buy the book at Salvos, or online, from Amazon. Well done John and Gip!